Continuous Verification for Your CI/CD Platform (Spinnaker, Jenkins, etc.)

Presenter -
Balaji, VP Product, OpsMx

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Date: 13th Nov 2019

Time: 10 AM PST

Join the Webinar to Learn about Continuous Verification for Your CI/CD Platform 

Speed thrills but kills!! Enterprises are finding out that as their release velocity increases, failures due to bad deployments also increase. With speed, comes the risk of releasing software without adequately testing the interactions and analyzing the potential risks during production roll-out. The risk could also be due to a violation of compliance with regulatory or enterprise policies.

In this webinar, we will discuss an emerging topic called Continuous Verification and why it is crucial for your deployments and how to enable it for your CI/CD platform.
  • Challenges in Evaluating and Controlling Releases during Production Rollout
  • Need for Automation in Release Verification
  • What is Continuous Verification?
  • Enabling Continuous Verifications for Your  CI/CD platform (Spinnaker, Jenkins, etc.)
  • Demo:  Continuous Verification using Logs, Metrics and APM data
  • Verifying Compliance through Audit Trail of Continuous Delivery

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Meet the speaker:

Balaji Siva

VP Product - OpsMx