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On-demand Webinar:

Zero to Cloud-Native CD in Minutes with Spinnaker and OpenShift

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Learn how to quickly and easily deploy Spinnaker to Kubernetes and OpenShift with the OpsMx Spinnaker Operator

Enterprises across the world are installing Spinnaker in Kubernetes to automate deployments. While simple, stateless microservices may be well served by the basic resources the platform provides, extensive work is required to deploy and manage more distributed and stateful applications.

Operators can ease the life of a developer and the OpsMx Spinnaker Operator is the only Red Hat certified operator for Spinnaker. It allows Spinnaker CD to be managed in an effective, automated, and scalable way when being deployed to Kubernetes or OpenShift environments, and reduces the cumbersome process of installing Spinnaker in Kubernetes to just a few simple steps. 

Learn about how to use the Spinnaker Operator in our on-demand webinar, presented by OpsMx, Principal Architect, Saravanan Arumugam.

Attend the webinar to learn:

  1. How to deploy Spinnaker to Kubernetes in under 30 minutes 
  2. How to deploy Spinnaker Operator in OpenShift 4X faster


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