Spinnaker Operating Models                       

How to choose a model with the best ROI for your business

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Spinnaker is an Open Source Software and is attractive for organizations to run it independently with community-based projects. This self-supporting model is an attractive proposition due to the belief that subscription charges can be avoided. Without trained staff, the question of reliability and security and scalability prevails for long term usage. Besides that, there are two more operating models- Commercial Open Source & Support and Managed Spinnaker- that are promising for enterprise users but comes at a price.

Understand the right models to use Spinnaker for your Continuous Delivery.

From the ebook, you will learn about:

  • Various Models for adopting Spinnaker
  • Pros & cons of each model pertinent to reliability, security, scalability, complexities of Spinnaker implementation
  • When should one use a model
  • Which operating model will deliver the best RoI
  • Exclusive OpsMx offering and impact on RoI
  • And much, much more.

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