Operating Models 

How to choose a model with the best ROI for your business

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Spinnaker, an open source continuous delivery platform, is being adopted by thousands of enterprises worldwide to ship their code changes into production faster and more frequently. Consequently, dev and ops teams large and small are now facing the challenges of adopting and supporting Spinnaker in production and at scale.

A primary consideration for enterprises adopting Spinnaker is choosing an operating model and evaluating the ROI potential and suitability of each for their organization.

In this ebook we examine the different Spinnaker operating models and how to think about their ROI implications for your organization.  

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  • Various Models for adopting Spinnaker
  • Pros & cons of each model pertinent to reliability, security, scalability, complexities of Spinnaker implementation
  • When should one use a model
  • Which operating model will deliver the best ROI
  • Exclusive OpsMx offering and impact on ROI
  • And much, much more.

Get the ebook today to learn which model will suit best for your enterprise.

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