Webinar: Accelerate Application Deployment to AWS EKS with Spinnaker
Anooptej Thotapalli,
Senior DevOps Engineer- OpsMx

Spinnaker and EKS
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Date: 18th Sep 2019

Time: 10 AM PST

In this session we will be discussing how to accelerate application deployments to AWS EKS using Spinnaker

Agenda of the Meeting:

1. Spinnaker Introduction
2. Prerequisites to Setup AWS EKS with Spinnaker
3. Walk Through the AWS EKS Integration
4. Demo 1: Blue/Green deployment with ACA
5. Demo 2: Istio Integration

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Meet the speaker:
Anooptej Thotapalli

Anooptej Thotapalli

Senior DevOps Engineer- OpsMx