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Simplifying Spinnaker- Deploy Spinnaker Pipelines in Kubernetes

kubernetes and spinnaker

Kubernetes is great for container automation, but to run Kubernetes services, you need to deploy them! That’s exactly what Spinnaker is for.

Just like Kubernetes automates container orchestration, Spinnaker automates the many details needed to deploy and rollout Kubernetes services. And just as container orchestration is impossible to do manually, high speed yet safe deployments are impossible to do manually at scale.

If you know Kubernetes, this webinar will teach you how to 

  • Integrate Spinnaker into your tool chain to automate deployments - even for complex multi-cloud services - without being a Spinnaker expert.

If you know Spinnaker, this webinar will teach you how to

  • Configure pipelines to quickly and safely roll out Kubernetes updates at scale - even if you need infrastructure updates - without being a Kubernetes expert.

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Srinivas K, Head of Customer Success OpsMx

Srinivas has 20+ years of experience in software architecture, design, hands-on development, testing, implementation and maintenance, both in Agile and Waterfall methodologies, across USA, Germany and India.