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Secure Your Continuous Delivery Using Machine Learning



Security permeates - or at least should run through - every aspect of software development, delivery, and operations.

Be sure to secure your continuous delivery (CD) process and tools as much as your development and operations processes. Without a secure CD solution, your efforts in the other parts of the software process are at risk. 

Join this tech talk, intended for all levels of Continuous Delivery (CD) professionals:

  • What is the best security framework for CD that is proven to be effective?
  • What is required at the beginning of a CD initiative to ensure long term security? 
  • What role should CD automation and machine learning (ML) play in CD security? Are there risks in adopting ML?
  • What are some lessons learned from your implementations at high-security organizations? 

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Funs Kessen, Principal Architect Security & Compliance OpsMx

Funs Kessen is a technology leader who specializes in  security and compliance. He helps enterprises to transform and accelerate secure continuous delivery. He has 20+ years of experience in software delivery having worked for multiple bluechip companies in various technology leadership roles. Prior to joining OpsMx he was working with AWS as a Principal Solutions Architect.
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Gopal Dommety, PhD, CEO OpsMx

Gopal is the CEO of OpsMx. OpsMx was founded with the dream of delivering applications with no human intervention - via its Continuous Delivery and Continuous Verification Platform. Previously he was CEO of N42 and held senior roles at Cisco. Gopal studied Computer Science at IIT (Kharagpur), Finance & Public Policy at Stanford University, and obtained a Ph.D in Large Scale Distributed Systems from Ohio State University. He has been awarded 61 US Patents and designed widely deployed Internet Protocols.