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How is Spinnaker different from Jenkins?

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The world has moved to Agile software development model. That means faster and shorter builds and release cycles. This also means more frequent deployments leading to more frequent changes to production. As changes are frequent, the reliable changes to production deployment becomes imperative. Continuous delivery (CD) platforms help DevOps teams manage software releases in short cycles, ensuring they are delivered safely, reliably and quickly. The goal is to reduce time and associated risks related to building, testing and delivering changes while enforcing organizational processes and controls. Spinnaker, an open-source continuous delivery platform created by Netflix, addresses the need of the modern enterprises which require end-to-end automated multi-cloud deployments and rollbacks while maintaining controls.

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1. DevOps team challenges
2. What is Jenkins & it’s role
3. Introduction of Spinnaker & features
4. Do I need Jenkins if I am using Spinnaker?
5. Continuous Verification

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