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What is Continuous Verification? 


See how Continuous Verification (CV) is the key to fully automating software delivery 

In today's world of accelerated software delivery, frequency of deployment is increasing, but automation remains a challenge. A recent Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) report stated that in 63% of the organizations surveyed, less that 50% of the end-to-end CD processes were automated, and only 6% characterized their processes as 90-100% automated. 

What's preventing organizations from fully realizing the benefits of automation? The missing key to automation of CI/CD processes remains continuous verification (CV). CV enables automation of new release verification, reducing time-consuming and error-prone manual verification and drastically reducing bad releases.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The challenges with current release verification approaches and solutions
  • What is continuous verification (CV), and what are its  benefits?
  • Why AI-driven CV is the future, and, what's coming next? 

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