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Managing Spinnaker Pipelines


Spinnaker as an advanced deployment tool, enabling enterprises of any size to promote application releases to large scale infrastructure with single or multi-cloud nature.

Pipelines are the base component of Spinnaker which drives high confident delivery process. The action steps in Spinnaker are abstracted into stages and linking the stages one after the other, making up a pipeline.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to setup your application deployment pipeline &, making your pipeline code re-usable and simplify the manageability.

In this webinar you will learn
1. How to create a pipeline & manually execute it.
2. Process of editing pipeline code (JSON).
3. Simplifying and reusing pipeline with Managed Pipeline Templates.
4. Pipeline Actions - Locking, Renaming, Disabling, Deleting a pipeline.

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Meet the Speaker:

Sagayaraj David, DevOps Architect

Sagayaraj is a technology leader with 15+ years of rich experience in IT configuration management & DevOps, driving seamless build and deployment in enterprise infrastructure. Sagayaraj is Cloudbees Certified Jenkins Engineer, having strong expertise in AWS, DevOps, Ansible, Jenkins, JIRA, GIT. 

Marky Jackson, Director Open Source Software

Marky Jackson is a software developer and director of open-source software at OpsMX. Marky is a Jenkins core code maintainer, SIG mentoring lead, org admin for Google Summer of Code and Google Summer of Docs. Marky is also a Kubernetes org member, release lead associate for all quarterly releases, SIG leader and administrator throughout the project.