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How is Spinnaker different

from Jenkins?

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The world has moved to Agile software development models. That means faster and shorter builds and release cycles, more frequent deployments, and more frequent changes to production. As velocity increases, the ability to reliably deploy changes to production becomes imperative.

Continuous Delivery (CD) platforms help DevOps teams manage software releases in short cycles, ensuring they are delivered quickly, but equally important,  safely and reliably. 

Spinnaker, an open-source continuous delivery platform created by Netflix, addresses the need of the modern enterprises which require end-to-end automated multi-cloud deployments and rollbacks while enforcing organizational processes and controls.

Watch the on-demand Webinar to learn:

  • CI/CD challenges for DevOps teams
  • Jenkins' role in modern CI/CD
  • How Spinnaker is the new game-changer for CI/CD
  • Where Jenkins & Spinnaker fit in modern CI/CD pipelines  
  • The role of Continuous Verification (CV) in achieving true automation of software deployements

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Principal Consultant - OpsMx