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Continuous Delivery: How to find the right tool?

Simplifying Spinnaker by OpsMx

Whether you are just beginning or well into your Continuous Delivery journey. Join Robert Boule, Head of Solutions Engineering at OpsMx, sharing insights into determining the right release orchestration and deployment automation solution.  Bob has spent over two decades working closely with some of the leading IT organizations across the globe, addressing real world CI/CD challenges enterprises face due to complexities of releasing and deploying software at the speed the business demands.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and a production-grade solution, then you should attend this webinar to hear Bob talking about:

  • Minimum Required Capabilities for Continuous Delivery
  • Introduction to Spinnaker- Enterprise CD solution
  • Top features and benefits of Spinnaker
  • Spinnaker Demo - Deploying applications to multi-cloud environments

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Meet the Speaker:
Robert Boule

Robert Boule, Head of Solution Engineering OpsMx

Robert Boule is a technology enthusiast with PASSION for technology and making things work along with a knack for helping others understand how things work. He comes with around 19  years of solution engineering experience. He is known for his dynamic & interactive Spinnaker & CI/CD  presentations.