AUTOPILOT- Enabling Continuous Verification for Your CI/CD Platform

Enterprises are finding out that as their release velocity increases, failures due to bad deployments also increase. With speed, comes the risk of releasing software without adequately testing the interactions and analysing the potential risks during production roll-out. The risk could also be due to a violation of compliance with regulatory or enterprise policies.

OpsMx Autopilot Solution, a Compliance Management feature simplifies and strengthens compliance with regulations across CI/CD.

It performs-    

  • Automated Risk Assessment, Audit & Compliance- Generating consolidated Risk Reporting for each Pipeline Run.
  • Safer Deployment using ML based Continuous Verification- Machine Learning based Automation and Continuous Verification of Applications.
  • Easy on-boarding of Applications- Secure and Self-driven Application on-boarding
  • Audit for ensuring compliance- 100% auditability and policy control for your Enterprise.

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